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Platoon Presentation

Hai this is my all girls Bf-3 division of D.S.I.G.U. Sorry boys but don't worry there are plenty of platoons for you to join. Trolls will be taken out back and shot in the face. Ladies feel free to apply and be sure to check out and sign up for our website by clicking the link above to gain entry into the chillest gaming community on the net run by my man his friends and yours truly. Also from our website or below this message please feel free to explore the links to our sponsor community D.S.I.G.U'S Bf3 website, the main community site and the link to the steam site if you play any games on steam. So in the words of our leader Chief Pwn-420 "Welcome to the last gaming family you'll ever need to join." NOW LETS GO MAKE BOYS CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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