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Platoon Presentation

We are recruiting, only skilled players.

Hello all.

We prefer that you have a mic but dont worry if you dont you can still apply
Minimum KD ratio 1.5+
Minimum rank Colonel 40+
Minimum SPM 400-500
we are a group looking to become bigger in the gaming community

we have a hosted server
We are looking for experienced players
You can be in another platoon but tags must be worn
PS3 []

We have 2 servers !!!!!!!! Search up

youtube: [] []

To all PC gamers Visit:

TeamSpeak3 IP:

AUS1 vs OWND (AUS1 Win 3 to 0)
AUS1 vs WOLF (AUS1 Win 3 to 0)
AUS1 vs ozzy (AUS1 Win 3 to 0)
AUS1 vs NZ ( AUS1 Win 2 to 1)
AUS1 vs MERC ( AUS1 Win 3 to 0) AUS1/GUn1


Want to join AUS1 ELITE? talk to the leaders to see if your good.

You must be ACTIVE, you must wear the tags, if you join, wear them. You must inform the leaders if you are going to be inactive.

Training for ELITE members every Tuesday and Thursday.



[LOCQ] Lords of ConQuest
Date: 01/02/2013 Time: TBA
12v12 3 rounds Maps: TBA

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  • Jaguar414 joined the platoon AustralianGamers AUS1™
  • elmothwawesome3 wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    if u want i can make my server into a AUS1 server for scrims and stuff like that
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    elmothwawesome3 really O_o
    7 years ago
    Monlopo bro like they are decomposedd now
    7 years ago
  • wolfyw0w wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    Ok i'm going to need help from all the members, we need to get back up again.
  • wolfyw0w wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    ZortoN Yuleh, come back, need your help building up again, Really.
  • wolfyw0w joined the platoon AustralianGamers AUS1™
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    RuniteDaq if you're a leader whenever someone joins you'll get a notification saying someone joined your platoon. its either that or when you have a platoon set as your primary.
    7 years ago
    THA__ONE__2024 If founder leaves someone else becomes founder automatically
    7 years ago
  • Majtan96 wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    Whats happening to this platoon everyone is leaving?
  • Monlopo wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    wolfyw0w mmm
    7 years ago
  • ZortoN94 wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    So i have made my decision, and that decision is to leave this platoon. Now before some of you get angry, the reason that i am leaving this platoon is because i am not satisfied with this platoon anymore. I have had some REALLY great times with you guys especially, wolf and lonhro. I ask of one thing wolf, please don't get angry at me. Continue leading this platoon to success with the rest of the leaders. I will still be playing with most of you guys as always. You are friends to me and that will never change. I hope you guys understand. Maybe some other platoon will bring satisfaction to me. Again this isn't a personal issue with any of you guys. I will truly miss scrimming with you guys. I hope this doesn't change any of our relationships. Wolf if you love me (no homo), continue this platoon as you planned it to be. A big thanks for giving me this opportunity, I have had great experience like never before. Good bye AUS1.
    wolfyw0w Come back bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7 years ago
  • aaron_wildy wrote on the wall for AustralianGamers AUS1™:
    Is tomorrows skrim cancelled
    wolfyw0w Yeah, they all are, check the ELITE page,
    7 years ago