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Platoon Presentation

We know why you're here...
You wanted to join "Team Sinisterâ„¢" huh?
Well send your application here, and
start showing off your cool moves.
Impress us and you just might get
invited to our competitive team:

If you are here for recreational purposes then
feel free to apply, and join us in a pub game.

If you are serious about becoming a part of our
competitive team, add and message one of
the leaders for try outs.
This Platoon is pretty much a get together's platoon.

If you make it, and we think you have what it takes. Then you will join our Sinister Brotherhood platoon. where you will be trained and given positions. Improve your communication and game skill.

If you are serious about joining, rock the tag [SiNc} NOTICE THE TAG IS a Capital S, lower case i, Capital N, lower case c

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