Walking Dead
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Welcome to Walking Dead, we are a group of people who are here for a more competitive style of gameplay. If you like to play tactical and communicate then you might have found your home.

Feel free to join us in our Teamspeak @ ts21.gameservers.com:9135

Visit our Website at www.walkingdeadclan.com


You can apply for the clan by submitting a clan
application form on our site. This can be
completed by first registering to be part of our
site. If you are accepted to the clan as a recruit
you will be asked to wear small tags [wd] in game
to differentiate you from full [WD] members.

Once you have recruit tag's you will be put into recruit status until you come up for vote so best way to make sure you become a part of WD is be in TS and active in the forums. Good Luck Soldier and welcome to Walking Dead.

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