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Platoon Presentation

This is our base platoon. Our tag is [L3Gi], which stands for Legendary. We put our friends first. Tags are required to be worn, because we roll as a group. Be respectful of what is asked, and work as a unit..

Our goal is to have a place where players can come to enjoy games and be treated fairly. This is not a competitive platoon, Its a social networking platoon where players with different play styles and skill can play together, and learn from each other..

This is also a place to prove your loyalty and skills for our Elite platoon [L3G] a place where u can gather the necessary minimum stats to meet the requirements of our competitive platoon..

For new applicants, We would like to see a K/D ratio of 1.5 and a spm of at least 400. This is not much to ask and is around the stats of the average player. Watch and learn from other players in this platoon, and it will help your development to become a better player. If anyone ever has any questions about anything feel free to ask a leader for advice. We talk strategy all the time and may be able to help you

We recommend that you have a mic..

We treat people as we would want to be treated. Racial, religious, sexual, or personal attacks on members will NOT be tolerated, first time is a warning, and if it continues, it will result in a kick..
Boosting or Glitching will result in an instant kick..

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