Hardcore Only !
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Platoon Presentation

If you want join. Turn Game activity on and LATEST BATTLE REPORT in battlelog !
I check it sometimes that you play Hardcore all the time, so not, don't look weird if can't join or get
kicked out. Normal mode infantry only metro/lockers i understand i like it my self. Or joining on friends.

Why this platoon?: These players choose HC mode in Battlefield franchise, because we love a real hard fight. We play the game the hard way! And not like the ''new bf players'' that need: Spawn all the time, 3p Cam, 3d spot see the enemy true buildings/mountains, we dont need a HUD/Minimap/map/battlescreen + spotting/kill cam icons everywhere , Healing/self fixing vehicles.

In Battlefield 4/1 there is classic mode now. Most moved to classic or went back to hardcore.


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