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Platoon Presentation

(Please Put On The CMC Clan Tag Before Applying)
To change your clan tag follow these steps. 1.Go to your profile 2. Scroll down and look under your profile picture, there should be something that says edit profile 3. By your tags there should be a box and above it something that says, edit soldier image and clan tag 4. Type in CMC in all capital letters in the box 5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

Welcome to the Colonial Marine Corps! This platoon is dedicated to hard work, cooperative play and strategic maneuvers.

This platoon also has separate branches that serve as a way to show your dedication to your fellow CMC members however it does not mean you have power over anyone in CMC (the exception being for CMC leaders). Theses branches include CMC, CMC Captains, CMC Commanders, CMC Generals, and CMC Leaders. If you would like to know more about these platoons and to see if you are eligible to join, just go on a leaders profile and follow the platoon links.

To keep this platoon from becoming inactive, anyone inactive for longer than 2 weeks will be kicked. You will also be kicked if you have not posted anything on the wall for over 3 weeks.

We love hearing from our members. If you ever have anything on your mind that you would like to share, please feel free to share it with us!

This is a worldwide platoon where people all around the world play together for the better of the Colonial Marine Corps. We want everyone to enjoy being members of this platoon.

Check us out on Facebook at

Platoon: Royal Knife Regiment
Leader: CarmanBoii

Basic CMC Guidelines:

1. You MUST wear the CMC clan tag.

2. Alert the leaders if you will be inactive for longer than 2 weeks, otherwise you will be kicked.

3. You should try to be active as possible.

4. We ask all members to respect the leaders and in turn, the leaders will respect you.

5. Mics are essential (Kinect does not count unfortunately)

6. Respect your fellow platoon mates.

7. You should always have fun!

8. It is your right as a CMC member to play with other CMC members, wether it be for fun or competitively or both.

9. The leaders do not friend request you, you friend request them (this will make it easier for you to meet other CMC members as all leaders play with CMC members)

10. Boosters shall be named and shamed

There is a schedule that anyone can look at if they have just joined and looking to play with a leader ) or if they just feel like it. Leaders are playing with CMC members 95% of the time, thus it is a great way to meet new and current members.
To find this schedule just go to a leaders profile and then go on the CMC leaders platoon and read the presentation.

Members Away
Kimmuriell for unknown time (School)
ACrimsonParadox for unknown time (Expired)
iShadoooow for 2 weeks (Work)
dean0405 for 2 weeks (grounded)

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