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“ The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”
-George S. Patton

VICTRIX MORTALIS (conquerors of death)

>A Work-In-Progress<
As of 12/25/2012 this platoon page is used for VM members who choose to play as/with VM.
While I (VM founder) appreciate all the fans and members joining up, Since I hate to see such a beautiful emblem go to waste, and lose the fans/members, I am choosing to keep this up for those who still rep VM. This is your clan now. Treat it well.

Victrix Mortalix [a ZERO TOLERANCE clan] was created for a select group of unique, friendly, and talented gaming individuals. While VM is a clan for clean, no-nonsense,no whining of who killed who and "how is that possible?", "something is up with that dude", "seriously he shoots me through a wall?" fun gaming; at the end of the day it’s natural to strive to want to be the best!

Play tactfully and honestly together, and HAVE FUN!!!

First and foremost: NO (censored) DRAMA!
Mics may or may not be turned on – up to the owner of that mic.
Team mic isn’t required so DON’T FEEL OFFENDED or left out if others aren’t using it.
If you are muted, please don’t take it personally. Some can’t play with excess talking/noise.
Of course rep the clan tag... Since some are in multiple platoons, rep VM when you play with VM. That needed to be mentioned? :/
Play with who you want when you want. Just because you are in a clan, doesn't mean you're obligated to always play with them... We all have other friends that we enjoy playing with.

Anyone is welcome no matter what your KD, rank, or age is.

You can leave VM whenever you choose to. You’re not obligated to anyone or anything on the PSN :D
Just know if you leave or removed from the members list- that's it... No back and forth weird crybaby $%it.


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