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Platoon Presentation

Speak to Codename to organize a match
Welcome to the infantry platoon for OpS Gaming.

We are competing on the Fragged Nation Normal, ProMod & 2v2 Squad Rush Ladders + the 5v5 CQ Ladder. We are also available for scrims. Message Nacho-Boogle or Morgfish to arrange a match. We are not currently recruiting. Become a fan above ^^^^ and join the OpS Community.

Our Fragged Nation Team: http://www.fraggednation.com/members/t/OpSDefiance-22291

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/NachoBoogle

Fragged Nation Record (26-4):

[6FU] Six Feet Under --> Win
[myR] My Revenge e.V. --> Win
[A1] Army of One --> Win
[TE5] Tactical Elite Squadron --> Win
[TG] TG-Black Sheep --> Win
[OpTz] Otryade Prizrak Gaming --> Win
[PRDF] PRDF --> Win
[KTG] Kelevra.ImmenZ --> Loss
[sNs] sNs Spec Ops --> Win
[MyS] MySTiC eSport --> Win
[LW] Lone Wolves --> Loss
[MAK] Mighty Ass Kickers --> Win x2
[Fuse] Fusion ESport --> Win
[TNT] The Nuclear Team --> Win
[pp] Pernix Pugnax --> Win
[DoWG] DOWG Elite --> Win x2
[BnT] Boats and Trolls --> Win x2
[SK] SK The Devils Court --> Win
[SI] Sharp Intentions --> Win
[HxG] Hellguns --> Win
[LoB] Lords of Battles --> Win
[1UP] One United Power --> Win
[6FU] Six Feet Under --> Loss
[tA] Tactical Anarchy --> Win
[BMI] Brambi --> Win
[PnN] ProNation --> Loss
[ARCA] ARCA --> Win

Normal Squad Rush Season 4: (11-1)
Normal Squad Rush Season 5: (2-1)
ProMod Squad Rush Season 1: (4-1)
Promod 5v5 Conquest Season 1: (2-0)
Kelevra Close Quarters Challenge: (3-1)
FN Prove-It Challenges: (2-0)


1st place FN ProMod Squad Rush Season 1
1st place FN ProMod 5v5 Conquest Season 1
2nd place FN Regular Squad Rush Season 4


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