Tactical Ass Kickers
Tag: [TAK] Fans: 1 Created: 2012-10-28

Platoon Presentation

I'm still MAD at heart but this is just my specialty, k/d ratios do not matter just the play the objective by dropping ammo or health packs, if engineering please repair any and all damaged tanks, LAVS, etc, to my snipers drop those TUGS and fly those MAVS to support those being aggressive in combat also place spawn beacons in smart places so nobody spawns into a fire fight, to my pilots keep the skies clear and bring in air support at the hot zones when needed and called for, when a clan member calls for reinforcements to any objective please give help if possible, if you can be a quality teammate you are welcome to join.

Players i don't want
1. glitchers/hackers/aimbot users
2. sacrifice teammates meaning allowing the enemy to kill me or another teammate to get a knife kill or any kill (super annoying) protect me and I'll protect you.
3. Stupid Medics that revive you constantly while an enemy is continually blowing your head off, please kill the enemy first then revive and provide covering fire until teammate is up and on his feet.
4. Trolls- these are players who destroys team equipment, throws ammo or health packs in front of a snipers scope and shoot other teammates just to be annoying

So to all the players who play the objective and have some skills join up and lets bring some pain

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