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Platoon Presentation

*** About US ***
Clan RIOT is an elite organization composed of Mature and respectable gamers that have proven their attitude, character, Skills and procedures to be superior. These fellow members utilize their individual tactical skills and specialties to unite and become a powerful and effective unit.

What makes this elite organization unique is the ability and effectiveness and prosperity of professionally trained soldiers, We utilize our gameplay tactics to the best of our abilities. were we strive to be excellent and efficient.

All individuals here are courteous, professional, and respectful and demonstrate the utmost awareness when following through every kill on the battlefield, No one gets left behind. No t-bagging, no insults, no cheats, and no Mods. Just be yourself.

1- Apply for Platoon so we notice you
2- Fill out application on our website click our official website link under platoon name
3- The application form will ask you about who you are and will ask you a few questions about why you are interested in joining.

*** If We Invite You ***
If you have already been invited to the organization by an organization leader or administrator, you have already been accepted into the organization. You only need to apply to the platoon here on Battlelog, and register on our website (link under platoon name where it says web)


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