Knife Hunters
Tag: [ACB] Fans: 25 Created: 2012-11-26

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A Platoon For All Tag Takers If Your Level 10 Or Level 100 You Can Join As Long As You Got Some Skills ,[ACB] Have Lots Of Friendly Platoons That Can Help You To Be A Good HUNTER ! We Are Not The Best We Are Not The Only BUT Try Us And Youll Regret ! We Dont Forgive And We Dont Forget ! Remember US! .

Founder : Fady200
Brother : Hitman5161
Leaders :storfiskern, Costfiber2000
most of ACB players are found in Metro/Bazaar conquest , mostly on smokefest community server If You Ever Want Something You Know Where To Find Me : )

'Guns for show Knife for Pro' : said by fady2000
'Everyone Will Get Stabbed' : said by storfiskern
' We Knife Your Life' : Said by : king Moerdi
'You never know who's around Look over your shoulder I'm right behind you':said by :HIT MAN

List of 100 stars colonels who got Stabbed : Coming soon.........SOON :p

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