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Platoon Presentation

We are an extension of the BREW platoon. AND as such we still have no plan, no purpose, no rules (except one), no idea what to do or how to do it, other than a strong desire to play Battlefield3 as a TEAM and have FUN doing it! Minimum age is 21, [unless "special dispensation" given, though over 30 is definitely preferred].

"We may be an extension of BREW
You might say we are BREW TWO
But since BREW ran out space
Here we are, still in the race
To see just who can kill who!"

ONE RULE: You have to socialize in this platoon or why bother with any platoon. We don’t care if you're a good player or not. We don’t care about your stats. We don’t care about your age (we do want maturity). We couldn't care less about headsets, good looks or the car you drive. BUT you gotta do your best to socialize with everyone on-line in this BattleLog, in-game or BYE BYE.

PLATOON: PLEASE post how things went for you during your BF3 games HERE, and when you plan next on playing, generally what is on your BF3 mind, so we can all keep in touch with each other.

NEW MEMBERS: Upon receiving a platoon roster of BREW and BREW(2), "friend" other members on battlelog and Xbox And please edit your profile to add the BREW tag. Why join a platoon if you don't fly the colors? See you on the battlefield.

BREW platoon group friends list. Add- BREW2PLATOON to your friends list. This will give you access to every BREW member.

This is a continuation of the [BREW] Platoon at:

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Contact BREW Platoon founder at: for questions, rosters, complaints, ... whatever.

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  • Hank_Freedom joined the platoon BF3 REnegade Warriors2
    Hitchedhawk Welcome aboard...Sry about the wait as most of us play BF4 now but I think you may encounter a few of us still of BF3.
    3 years ago
  • PillowManiac joined the platoon BF3 REnegade Warriors2
  • wolffart wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    Ok BREWskies. BREW version BF4 has been created. I invited a quick group to help get the platoon started. If I didn't invite you, it was noting personal, I just may not have your tag or haven't heard from you in a while. So, if you are reading this and interested, here's the link. ---
  • wolffart wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
  • Hitchedhawk wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    All right found out how to finish the campaign on BF4 without the corrupted save file. You CANNOT play any multiplayer if you want to finish the campaign part. Way to go EA/DICE..... :-s
  • wolffart wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    This is interesting news. It seems that EA is seeking a development team other than DICE for the next Battlefield series. Criterion is the company that produced "Black" (One of my personal favorites since it's release on ps2 and that I play most every night on the 360). ---
    KennyKonif interesting. I can't imagine that the flop that BF4 is, is DICE's fault though.
    5 years ago
    The7eventhGhost I played Black on PS2 a great & underrated game. I agree not the fault of Dice, EA was the problem for wanting it rushed out, hope they have learned there lesson.
    5 years ago
  • wolffart wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    GhostP07, thanks for the +1, patch to be a priority.
  • tarpon2010 joined the platoon BF3 REnegade Warriors2
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    Sime5013 welcome in buddy.
    5 years ago
    Fxded_TM I wanna join
    5 years ago
  • wolffart wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    BF4 bugs being addressed... ---
  • The7eventhGhost wrote on the wall for BF3 REnegade Warriors2:
    Single player BF4 freezing on third mission, any suggestions please.
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    wolffart Several of us were 'WTF!" several times last night. The balance of the game is so screwed up at the moment, that is when it is not freezing. The absence of any spawn protection at all is probably the most frustrating part of the
    5 years ago
    DrArmageddon Personally, I've only played about an 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of BF4. Lagging, rubberbanding, and putting 51 bullets from my P90 into somebody only to have him turn around and one-shot me was enough. I'm waiting for thes
    5 years ago