Legion of Hunters
Tag: [Hunt] Fans: 43 Created: 2012-12-15

Platoon Presentation

Me (Joe) and Ethan started Hunt after our first clan split apart. Hunt is meant to be a community and a semi-competitive platoon where we look to have fun and have a challenge.

We are always recruiting new players to help establish Hunt and become an overall better team. You just need to send an application and message Joe or one of the leaders.


2.Be a team player.
3.Have fun.
Competitive Roster for Legion of Hunters:
The players who are not marked inactive need to attend practice or notify me that you cannot attend. Practices will be held every Saturday at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern (11pm for justi,tiny and jupo.....9pm for evil.....6am (on Sunday) for bullet).
For all time conversions please click the link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
1pm pacific
2pm mountain
3pm central
4pm eastern
9pm U.K.
11pm Finland
6am (next day) Australia

Players who are marked inactive and want to be activated need to notoify one of the leaders to change the status.
List of Roles: infantry/tanker/tank gunner/heli pilot/heli gunner/jet/scout heli

1.JoeNew7----->[Infantry/tanker/tank gunner]
2.Windman65----->[infantry/tanker/tank gunner]
3.Daedron360 (Krulno)----->[Infantry]
4.xxethanjordanxx----->[Infantry/tank gunner/jet]
5.sopmod08----->[infantry/tanker/tank gunner/heli pilot/scout heli]
6.BigEMP84----->[infantry/tank gunner]
7.I-Cold-I-Blood-I----->[infantry/tanker/tank gunner]
8.napster1000 (cpt tiger)----->[infantry/tank gunner/jet]
9.Jupo8804----->[infantry/tanker gunner]
10.CharlesisCoolBro (Yoda)----->[Infantry/tank gunner]
11.freakpiips (Justi)----->[infantry/tank gunner]
12.topdog411----->[infantry/tank gunner]
13.USMC_DEYO (miningblood)----->[infantry/tank gunner/scout heli]
14.Caleb321985 (eagle)-----[infantry/tank gunner/heli pilot]
15.hothead2454----->[infantry/tank gunner/heli pilot]
16.Tinyaa----->[infantry/tank gunner]
17.alex372501----->[infantry/tank gunner]
18.dremixpro (ghost)----->[infantry/tank gunner]
19.123GARRETT30660 (Wolf)----->[infantry/tanker/tank gunner]
20.xSTRoNN_O_MaNx----->[infantry/tank gunner/heli gunner/jet]
22.bluegrass707----->[infantry/tanker/tank gunner/jet]
23.bader-ksa2012(KSA-slash)----->[heli gunner]
24.CAMDEN808----->[infantry/tank gunner]

Average Stats for the Competitve roster:

(current of 5/2/13, 18 members)
SPM: 622.3333
KDR: 2.4861
Accuracy: 14.9722%

(current of 5/16/13, 20 members)

Clan Battle Record

Hunt v. EFL................. Win 3-0 (Conquest/Rush)
Hunt v. HIV...................Win Forfeit (Squad Rush)
Hunt v. DBD..................Win Forfeit (Rush)

*Note-For clan matches, you need to confirm if you can or cannot make the match.
*Note-For clan matches you have to wear the Hunt tags, but at other times, it would be your choice.
*Note-For clan matches you need to listen to Joe or to your appointed squad leader.

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