Medic Train Sponges
Tag: [BK] Fans: 10 Created: 2012-12-22

Platoon Presentation

This is a platoon for the mass meetings of all the bullet sponges with 2 bar connections out there!
We also highly welcome MEDIC TRAINS, because we really have 1 kd/s if we are not revived by anyone
Platoon Tactics:
First we send in the bullet sponges to dance and distract the enemy.
Followed by the Medic Train on the flank.
If an enemy kills one medic, keep reviving the medic until the enemy needs to reload, then the rest of the train rush him!
- This tactic was created by mimicking the game play of some french clans on xbox.
- The tactic was perfectly demonstrated in this video:
Obey the leaders who shall lead you through the greatest path.
Mekel is our Father and we shall respect and follow him to revive, sponge bullets shot at him and down enemies to 99.5% so that he can kill them.
And most importantly do not argue with Mekel.
He is what we all want to become, but we cannot ever fully reach his level, instead only become a minimekel like me - Ivan Skabnovski.
We will happily accept newcomers, Just apply to join and become one of our brothers!!!

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