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Platoon Presentation

The generals gather in their masses, just like witches at black masses. In the fields the bodies burning. . .as the war machine keeps turning.
• Smart, skilled, and aggressive players I don’t really care what level you on. Just be most of these three lol.
• Must wear DEFY clan tag (derr)
• Must follow ranks and my leaders
• Good pilots to maintain air superiority
• Must be loyal

I don’t want to stress this enough but if our whole team is in trouble with tanks, choppers or jets, I need them out period! I don’t care If you are running Medic, switch class I need your ass to c4 mothafuckers or bust out mines and rocket launchers to take ANYTHING I mean ANYTHIIIING out. If you’re playing recon that soflam is needed …. Once you wear i4ni we WILL maintain superiority both on the ground and in the air
Anybody wearing this tag has the right to call a meeting just let me know and we will make this happen… We are one heart beat and move as one unit… I really just want this to get big. I thank you

As of recruiting, I am sure your judgment call is good. Just make sure that you let Golfman38 and BadNewz_617 know because they will make this call in general. That is why they are leaders I assigned.
Most importantly lets get it in and have fun and bust heads open!