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Platoon Presentation

NOTE: RPG will be on BF4. If you are interested in applying go here http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955065214767842427/

Real Pepino Gangsters, formerly known as tPs | The Pepinos - The Most Hated,The shotgun, claymores, bipod, tac-light, M320 clan, mines glitchers. And the creators of the pussy strat on FireStorm and other various 1337 ideas. i.e metro smoke.

We were a highly competitive team on Battlefield for the PS3.

Expect to see us among the top teams anywhere we compete.

We're looking to play *every* competitive team out there on PS3 globally.

If you're looking for Conquest Scrims/ladder matches please contact:
PepinoPrime (PSN: vXvOPTIMUSvXv)

If your pepino wants to lmbh then contact :

If your pepino is itching for a Squad Rush Scrim/ladder please contact:
PepinoShaker Derk (PSN: derk234)

If your pepino fancies a jet please contact:
FreshPepino (PSN:FreshPoet)

^If this pepino is too small please contact:
PepinoPunisher (PSN: ThE_PaNcHo_PuNi)

If your pepino fits in a tank please contact:
PepinoMayhem (PSN:Mayhem00)

If your pepino thinks its the real OG pepino, ) please contact:
GODFatherPepino (PSN: ZeroOrFallen )

If your pepino hops borders and somehow ended up in Canada please contact:
PepinoSpic (PSN:DSPiCablE)

If your pepino is looking for a good time please contact:
PepinoGen-it-alls (PSN:HS-GenElite)

If your pepino is an artist please contact:
Pepino_Himselfff (PSN: GOD_HIMSELFF)

If your pepino does pornos please contact:
OhMaPepino (PSN:dUrka_omaha)

If your pepino's shadow brings chaos please contact:
xxPepinoxx (PSN:xxShadowChaosxx)

If your pepino lives in EyreLand please contact:
AirPepino96 (PSN:PapaEyre97)

If you ever want 'err to count your pepinos please contact:
ICount'erPepinos(PSN: ICounterr)

If you're a turlte wanting to become a pepino please contact:
TurtleKingPepino (PSN: Tk_Recovery)

If your pepino's skin is smooth like silk please contact:
SmoothSkinPepino96 (PSN: Juarez97)

If your pepino is jailbait please contact:
PepinoWarrior (PSN:Psycho_Warrior)

If your pepino has a pc complex please contact
PepinoDavid (PSN: David__Gunner)

If your pepino is looking for a twin please contact:
PepinoBuzzKnight (PSNs:TxO-BuzzKill , TxO-WhiteKnight)

If your pepino is a morning person please contact:
DawnOfPepino (PSN:morning32)

If your pepino likes it hard please contact:
Hard1Pepino (PSN:Cruz_Azul_25)

If your pepino shoots a lot of seeds please contact:
PepinoSteed (PSN:Steeda04SVT)

If your pepino wants a O_O tattoo please contact:
PepinoPancho (PSN:The_Pancho_O_O)

If your pepino gets you MAV please contact:
CrazyPepinoGurl (PSN:crayzwhitegurl )

If you like fresh pee with pepino in your salad please contact:
FreshPEE (PSN: FreshPoet)

We're always interested to add depth/pepinos to our team, so if you're a interested contact PepinoPrime

See you on the battlefield and good luck.

Crayzwhitegurl guasss heeeerrrree.

Thanks to WalMart and all other farmers who have helped us get here.

Pepino is always happy; you can see it in his smile. Even Pepino's 'stache can't cover up his big smile. Pepino loves his big yellow sombrero.

A happy cucumber, Pepino, strikes a pose in his spicy hot sombrero. Pepino's black eyes and moustache-covered smile make him the cutest little vegetable on either side of the border.

To send challenges to other clan please copy/paste this message.

'' RPG is an up and coming team looking to full its spare time with clan battle time. Please send a challenge for any day and time after 7pm EST. Thanks. We have no fear and we no boot. yippie kay yay. ''


Check out our Channels:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V57hP7Ipjw4 (Optimus)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVBYSBCYLqk (Omaha)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgnDdW1mdqo (God_Himselff)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIhBrkQo1ys (DSPiCablE)

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