Global 4v4 Ladder
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Welcome... This is a competitive air platoon where the top air teams in the world battle it out to claim the title TOP AIR TEAM!!! This platoon will have all the same rules as the 1v1 ladder, except this is team oriented and all ppl that join must be from the same platoon!!
1 leader per platoon or sqaud of 4..
There will be some sort of round robin where all teams are able to challenge all other teams in a period of 2weeks or so. you may challenge and play every team a max of 2times each during this process.
Teams will be giving 3points for a win 2points for a tie and 1point for a lost to encourage activity.
After the set time for open challenges as stated above there will be a ladder similar to the 1v1 ladder where the team with the most points will be given 1st place and so on.
Each team will play best of 5 both sides, so 1st to get 3 round wins than switch. If 1team wins 3-1 with u.s. side than other team has to do better than that to win if they get the same score 3-1 it will be ruled a tie. win/loss/tie ratio will also be recorded

Platoon and Teamates------------------------------------------------------------------------------win/loss/tie --------------points
Every squad must post a leader. which will be updated..
(BRAT) W-1/L-0 --------------- 3points
(SOD) --------------- 1point

Rules of engagement:

1. Both teams must fire rockets across map to confirm match/round start.
2. Once round start, round continues until 1 air team has all been shot down
3. If you get disabled you may land and repair your jet/chopper and return to the fight but if you die or your jet/chopper blows up than your out and cannot return until next round
4. No heat seekers for jets.

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