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Just training means NO DogFight but only Speed Control, only scissors, only cuts, only switches, only perfect start to become a great DogFighter!
We want just humble pilots to improve us! No more! :)

If you think you are so, you are welcome!

the way we do: The leaders are in front to you with jet to teach you how improve your moves.

You can find us or me in these server:

Codex playground | 1p start Practice - Jet/Heli ::

soon server just for us :)

Important things:

Tjunfisk Jet Tutorials #1: How to Control Jets Speed In 3rd Person

Smashd's Jet Tutorials 1: Cutting


Tjunfisk Jet Tutorials #2: The Scissor Maneuver

Losing a Tail by Scissor Rolling by elitegamerbros

Tjunfisk Jet Tutorials #3: Switching (The Best Defensive Maneuver)

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