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Platoon Presentation

Ghost Army is a World Wide Gaming platoon. our aim is to improve our team play game by game
Clan's primary language is ENGLISH !!!

1: Be Active
2. No trash talk
3. Play as a team

- You must speak English to allow easy communication between players
- Be friendly towards both fellow members and the opponents.
- Work well with others (no running solo in set matches)
- Be active regularly to ensure you are still an active member (doesn't matter if it's on PSN or battlelog)

To find the GA server, search 'Ghost Army' in the server browser.

The purpose of this part of the platoon is to allow players that don't meet the requirements to sit in a waiting list until they reach the set requirements or if at a high level they feel they are up to the game they can request to play with or against any of the leaders to test if they are at a good enough level to join the official platoon.


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