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Platoon Presentation

You want to join this awesome platoon?
Then you will have to meet the following requirements:

1- You have at least 150 kills with the Stinger.
2- You have at least 150 kills with the IGLA.
3- You initially spawn as Support to throw yourself an ammo box in a safe place, then commit suicide to respawn as Engineer with StIGLA so you have unlimited ammo.
4- You like to annoy aircraft whenever possible.
5- You like to hide yourself in bushes, houses or in your base.
6- You only drive a tank when you have your StIGLA with you so you can get out as soon as you spot an aircraft.
7- You have at least camped for a full round in your base with a tank.
8- You camp at a position close to the enemy helipad so you can lock on as soon as the heli tries to take off.
9- You T-Bag the guy you just shot down with your trusty StIGLA
10- Your SPM is around 20-50
11- You don't play the objective.

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