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Welcome to Special Ops Team Community.Were from all around the world with one objective. We follow the motto "Two sets of footprints" (meaning go with a buddy/ nobody gets left behind). We use teamwork and communication to get the victory that we need.

'The good thing about team work is that you have others on your side"- .....
"Play for the team. Play for the objective. Play for the win. Don't forget to have a laugh."


This is the casual side of SOT which means that it is open for everyone and no requirements are needed.

The community is a place where you can be social,
and you can team up with others.


If you meet the requirements you can join our competetive platoon.

you will go through a trial and you need atleast confirmation from atleast 2 leaders


-Colonel 50+
-2.0 K/D(minimum 1,5 overall K/D
-500 SPM
-500 skill
-You must be active
-You need a mic
-A teamplayer

Exceptions can be made as you will be tested


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