The Dutch Legends
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Platoon Presentation

We are The Dutch Legends,

a platoon who is not only about stats or whatever. just enjoying the game were its designed for.
we have our own server called The dutch legends aftermath. and like to see you come in there to.
we don't need you to have a mic, how ever we do think its better in case of teamplay, the reason we don't check out stats is cause were not yet playing wars. and we don't think you can't be good enough just checking out stats. we do want to play wars and were gonna select the players who we think played good enough that week, or even that day, but for now its only getting the platoon bigger and having fun while playing, if you like to join please apply or add me (BinkSter-NL) bierhuizen17 or WeedVSMushroom

hope to see you around soon ;-)

Also check out our server [TDL] The Dutch Legends clan server

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