Marine Corps 13th MEU
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The 13th MEU of the United States Marine Corps, is a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Their engagements they have been in are, Operation Stabillise, Operation Iraqi Freedom, The 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the battle of Najaf in 2004. Their Nickname is "The Fighting 13th." Based in camp Pendleton, California. With three groups of units, Ground, Aviation, and Logistics, With 2,200 Men. Seen with the fast attack carrier USS Belleau Wood, which is not in active duty.


Ground- 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines
- Crash101101
- Commando_88
- SeaOfRed12
- chewychewitt
Aviation- HMM-268
- Crash101101
- Commando_88
- chewychewitt
Logistics- CLB-11
- Crash101101
- chewychewitt
- Commando_88
- GvilleBlood


4: M1A1 Abrams
7 to 16: LAV-25's
15: AMTRAC's
6: 155mm Howitzer M777
8: M252 81mm Mortar
8: TOW's
8: Javeline's
4 to 6: AH-1Z Viper's
3: UH-1Y Venom's
12: CH-46E Sea Knight's
4: CH-53E Super Stallion's
6: AV-8B Harrier's
2: KC-130 Hercules
2: Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit's
1: LMT 3000 Water Purification Unit
4: Tractor, Rubber Tire, Articulated Steering,
2: TX51-19M Rough Terrain Forklift's
3: D7 Bulldozer's
1: Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement: Dump Truck
4: MK48 Logistics Vehicle System's
7: 500 Gallon Water Container's
63: HMMWV "Humvees"
30: Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement: Trucks

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