Echos of Destruction
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-------------------------------------------------------------Echos of Destruction----------------------------------------------------------------
This clan was founded on the basis of taking Battlefield to a new level of understanding and teamwork

Originally founded by Gaara8585 and Thin_Mint

-----------------------------------------------------------------ABOUT US--------------------------------------------------------------------------

We are group dedicated to purely tactics and teamwork to help gamers grow individually and together as a team. No matter how many hours you've played, there is always something new to learn and overcome. We are looking for those who are willing to adapt, succeed, and be part of something bigger than yourself.

YOU WILL NEED: a mic, determination, skill, the desire to work as a team and sacrifice for the benefit of the team.

If you want in, play with us, against us, and apply here.


We will be creating intra-clan events on the weekends soon

Inter-clan events are:

[44] vs [EoD] = Loss
[HnR] vs [EoD] = Loss
[xCx] vs [EoD] = TBA
[LGDY] vx [EoD] =TBA


------------------------------------------------------------EoD's AVAILABILITY--------------------------------------------------------------------

We are available upon request for matches

Contact Gaara8585 or Thin_Mint

*In alliance with ASFG*

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