Open Pilots/Gunners
Tag: [OP] Fans: 34 Created: 2013-04-27

Platoon Presentation

You're bored to have nobody to fly/gun with when you login ? You may have the answer within our ranks :)
*** This platoon is for dedicated pilots and gunners, mature and open players, that take helis seriously. ***
*** To apply, you need 2k+kills in Attack Helis.***
***Our tag is [OP], feel free to use it.***
Please present yourself briefly when applying (country of residence, playing times, %pilot/gunner gameplay).
We are not no life, pro players, but we like to team up with mature players who have a decent level and share quality time.
Unless specified otherwise by your co-pilot/co-gunner, you need to switch seats after every round / 2 rounds.
Anyone refusing this rule will be kicked if reported by fellow members. If you have an agreement with your copilot/gunner, no problem of course.
This is why we request our members to practice both as gunners, but as importantly, as pilots as well.
Be open, be fairplay, own the airs, in teamplay !

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