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Platoon Presentation

We are a Australian & New Zealand. We are currently recruiting players for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. We welcome anyone of any skill type to join us, all we look for is people who are social,easy going and enjoy working with others.We don't care about K/D and we don't care if you're not that good. We work with you to improve your gaming,we'll help you out any way we can.We do not believe in adding pressure early on and therefore we are currently a casual gaming clan where we want players to have fun and meet some cool people while doing so.We invite you to explore our website and grow with us,share your ideas,post on the forums,join the team. Where this journey will lead? Who knows but as long as The Evil Satans Clan is having a great time and still enjoying the game and having fun. So welcome everyone, visitors, new recruits and members, welcome to the journey...
We have our own Teamspeak up and running ( Feel Free to jump in and have a chat with us.

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