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Platoon Presentation

We hold a standard for all members; if you want to join you will need to go through all of the players to get the pass.

For new members to join Opus Dei, you must pass a tryout with at least two leaders present. OpD will not only be recruiting cool people but skilled players, potentially with a specific role in mind such as a jet pilot for clan battles or tank driver. To apply please contact Hale_316, KillerCarpenter or Nobodeehazmyname and a tryout date can be set.

OpD will be actively participating in clan battles almost every week, with a game or two each week. Active participation is required as there aren't any specific practice dates set up, we join our server and learn how to play with each other. An active role on BattleLog is also required as these battles are posted weekly with dates and times, as well as RSVP spots.

Things you should know before you challenge us:

WE ARE OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! We don't do stupid gun and stinger rules. How about just play the game legitimately. Any legit platoon will agree that there are unspoken rules. THESE ARE WHAT ARE CALLED UNSPOKEN RULES, meaning they dont need to be specified before very match, unwritten rules if u will:

- Camping in the same corner and not moving for five minutes
- C4ing from the top floor of a building, C4 suicide, anything with C4 other than blowing a vehicle up
- Jet Ramming - No one should even have to put this as a rule on their server
- Glitching & Hacking


If your dumb ass (or ours) gets out of a tank because someone is repair tooling it and the tank gets stolen…"Jokes on you asshole"

Other than that.. There are no rules..IT'S A BATTLEFIELD. You don't like it. Go play with the women....Oh Wait...

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