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Platoon Presentation

We're back!! and accepting petitions. requirements: got to have at least one form of social media other than battlelog, for squading up purposes and platoon functions. There WILL NOT be any split factions from this platoon(i.e. sniper teams, ops squads, and ETC). our rules are very simple: when on servers AoC WILL run as one, any member of AoC WILL not and i repeat WILL NOT squad up against other AoC members if you do it will cause your immediate dismissal from the platoon. We have a strict tea bagging for stupidity policy. Finally, AoC uses a military style leadership structure which means my leaders aren't safe from demotion screw up and stripes will and can be stripped. AoC will not accept petitions from players under 17. and ALL AoC members will use comms at all times set on team. Thank you and HOORAH!!!!!!!!

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