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Platoon Presentation

We are a group of players that have extensive experience in BF3.

We have perfected our skills and we never give up in the face of adversity.

If you think you can add something to our already powerful roster, then apply. We approve of skilled players and those who dare to be unique. Anyone can do well with an M16 or an AEK, but to perform the same or better with guns like the Type-88, SVD or PP-19 is what we do and what we admire about other players.

We regularly play Pub matches and many of our players have vast experience in e-sports or other competitive leagues.

Our Roster:

Panda Feet x - Caffeine addict with a gun.
Master290890 - Never lets go of the trigger.
AsthenicMark - Crazy Dutch guy who loves his MAV.
|FLY1NGR3TARD| - Your dogtags are his property.
InfernaProximum - Protects his sheep with a G3A3
Dave Brooks93 - Pwnage never looked so calm.
MetalMac - You need some Suppression?
Howesy1993 - Totally AUGmented.
JediKni9ht - He's like Yoda... only with an AK47.
ILOVETAGS - The name says it all.

Each of us specialise in different things, but we are all the same in one aspect:

We all Leave Sweaters Dead...

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