Piercing Arrow
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Piercing Arrow, a mercenary group bent on having fun and mastering our trade in Battlefield. You will not be forced to play a certain play-style, so as long as you and your squad can work together to achieve victory.

Our platoon has a simple service where we take on other platoons. Whether it be a practice battle or an actual platoon duel, Piercing Arrow stands ready to offer its troops. If someone needs us, we will answer the call. We don't need payment to kick-ass, but we do demand that platoons recognize who helps them earn their victory.

Whether you're a platoon that needs some spare soldiers or just a lone wolf needing a reliable squad. Give us the word and we'll dish out whatever is available.

This can be a semi-active group at times, so no mandatory attendance. We want you to play comfortably and not feel forced to play.

Potential recruits must contribute to the following tasks:
• Contributing to our platoon with new suggestions and ideas
• Master at least ONE a particular play-style in Battlefield.
• Being respectful to comrades as well not create drama for the group.
• Knowing their role (exp. Support throws ammo, engineers repair, recon places spawn beacons, and assault heals and revives)
• Being a team player

Headset are preferable, but if you don't have one just make sure to listen platoon orders.

-----To Recruits interested in joining Piercing Arrow----
*Please send a friends request to Lt_CobraAcePilot when you apply for this platoon. I will set you up with everything you need to know.
*I prefer to play with new recruits for a few games before accepting, to see what you can contribute to the platoon. You could call it a test.
*After being accepted to the platoon please change your tags to (Piercing Arrow Mercenary Company)

* DO NOT change your tags if you're devoted to another platoon. You may keep your other platoon tags if you wish. PAMC clan tags should be worn by those who really want to represent us.

===Current PAMC Servers===
PAMC Mercenary Company

PSN IDs for Leaders:

====Boot Camp Times====
Air Support:
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: 1200hrs - 2100hrs (12pm-9pm) UTC−7 Time Zone
-Training Conducted By Lt Cobra

Armored Warfare:
Friday and Saturday 2200hrs - 0300hrs (10pm to 3am) UTC−6 Time Zone
Training Conducted by BOSS_STATUS-66

Ground Work:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday: 1200hrs - 2100hrs (12pm-9pm) UTC-6 Time Zone
-Training Conducted By Sgt Costa and Lt Cobra

=== Platoon Battle Record===

Record: 1-1

Piercing Arrow VS Homophilic: WIN


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