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Who SWAT are:
A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is an elite unit within a police force, used for exceptional situations that require increased firepower or specialized tactics. The officers in a SWAT unit have undergone special training and have access to an arsenal of weaponry, armor and surveillance devices beyond standard-issue police gear. Much of this gear comes in the form of military surplus.

SmallChewie: The Founder and Head of the SWAT Team
Controlfps: The Leader and second in Command of SWAT Team
DZ-PHONEX: The third in Command of This Division.
TummasElling2: The fourth in command of this Squadron

alucard-le-demon, conanfred, terrier94, aliasFoxMulder, Shinobi900, jejeboss67, mojahide35, maxdu666 and The Best Tunning: Skilled Recruits that fight on the Battlefront.

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