ODA 555
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Platoon Presentation

Operational Detachment Alpha 555
Bravo Company
2nd Battalion
5th Special Force Group

Operational Detachment Alpha 555 is a storied group of men and woman with the 5th Special Forces Group of the US Army. Working heavily with the CIA in the northern Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, ODA 555 performed dozens of successful missions against the Taliban Government. One of the most prominent is the Battle of Qala-i-Jangi, where Major Mark E. Mitchell was the first man to receive the Distinguished Service Cross since Vietnam. This platoon will be in honor of those men and woman.

This is a prep platoon for Battlefield 4, we are purely in our infant stages. If you are interested in joining apply today!

Recruitment Rules:
-18 or older
-Mic required
-Willing to use mic to provide battle feed , not tell us what is for dinner
-Understanding of the dynamics of the theatre of war (use cover, flank, appropriate vehicle use, etc)
-Be willing to work with you chain of command
-Always providing a positive asset to the battle field, whether your assaulting or supporting, you understand your role and how it keeps the ball rolling

Platoon feed

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