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Platoon Presentation

>>>>>Currently INACTIVE, may return for BF4!
>>>>>Platoon reached 100 members, and fast.
>>>>>Thank you to everyone who played with us!

Welcome to Mickey vs. The World.

Created to bring battle-fielder's the popular "Mike Myers" mini game. Essentially, a virtual hide and seek event. If you have never played this game before, you have no idea how much fun it can be. Occasionally, we organize other random game modes. Join the platoon to play.

☰ EVENT - #9
☰ DATE/TIME - Tuesday 13th JULY at 7pm (BST - British Summer Time).
☰ SERVER - MvsW GOLD (unranked).
☰ ACCESS - Current password is "disney". If you join on Mickey's team and get kicked, it's because there's no space! Just send a PSN friend request to "guunnz". I will accept & invite you when there is space :D
☰ MEMBERS - Please put on the [MvsW] tags before joining the event, or you might get kicked.
☰ DOG TAGS - Must wear your best gold; vehicle / kit 100 service star tags, or kick. If you don't have one, then colonel 100 tags are acceptable.
☰ AFTER PARTY - After the main event the setup will be changed to squad deathmatch or 5v5. Random rule rounds; KNIFE only | DEFIB only | XBOW only | REPAIR TOOL only.

☰ MICKEY - Assault kit, xbow & knife. You must use sprint perk.
☰ THE WORLD - Engineer kit & knife. You cannot use sprint perk.

- "Mickey" is alone, and must hunt the enemy using xbow and knife only.
- "The World" must hide and run, to avoid getting killed by Mickey. You can use any soldier camo.
- Once you die, you must wait! No re-spawns until the next round, this includes deaths by NO MORE & SUICIDE.
- Only the last soldier alive is allowed to use their knife to try kill Mickey.
- Whoever gets the last kill wins (must be a knife), and may nominate the next Mickey (including themselves).
- If Mickey dies by NO MORE/SUICIDE, then the first person he knifed is Mickey next!

Do not (may lead to kick/ban):
- Use a class/weapon/specialization, other than the ones discussed above.
- Use a weapon against Mickey, unless you are the last one alive.
- Use water as a way to hide or escape from Mickey.

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