Umbrella Corporation
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This is the Umbrella Corporation Task Force. This is a highly trained black ops unit that deals in undercover missions, assassinations and special ops. Only the best are worthy of Umbrella Corporation.

To be a part of the Umbrella Corporation all you need is the ability to play the objective and work as a team. All levels welcome. Mic is preferred but not essential.

We would like to see you using the clan tags if it does not interfere with your main clan. Clan tags are UC or UCTF.

The Umbrella Corporation as of Wednesday 28th 2013 will be under new ownership. It will be run by Battlefield_Zero. So any questions you have about joining the platoon or about becoming a leader must be passed by her first.

Have fun guys and gals and maybe I'll be on for BF4 :D ~ HelghanArmy.

Competitive match wins:
UC 0-3 MVP Loss

Friendly match wins:
None so far.

Feel free to challenge the Umbrella Corporation to a clan match and please state if you want a friendly or competitive match.

Friendly clans:

TWT (Tactical Warfare Team)
S.A.S. (Official)©™
EXT (Elite Extraction)
56th Platoon

Positions in the clan are as follows:

Founder: Helghan Army (But I'm hardly on due to study)

Commander: Battlefield_Zero

She's in charge of the clan, speak to her to arrange matches or if you have any issues.

Second commander: ELITE_KILLER_WTF


-BlownTyre (Active YouTuber)
-TrollingDerpGuy (Active YouTuber)

The leaders in my opinion are first choice for matches due to activity and skill but Battlefield_Zero is the boss so its up to her.

~ HelghanArmy

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