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Tag: [HELL] Fans: 18 Created: 2013-08-25

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Welcome to the Hellgate Club Community Battlelog Page

We are a new community wich starts to build up. We are searching for ppl wich are fed up with stupid blueberrys or RandomSquadmates.

If you want to join us pls read our rules first

1. The Leaders of the Hellgate community decide who may join and not.

2. We WONT accept Stalkers!!!!!!

3. Don´t join just because you want to add DirtyMainzer, he decides on his own who he add and who not.

4. You must have a Headset wich can used for TS and the console at the SAME time.
We dont want Ingamesound in our Voicechannel

5. We dont care from where you are or something. As long you are cool, you are

6. Boosters, Cheaters and Glitchers are NOT allowed.

7. NEVER join a puplic Server with more than 1 Squad, Teamstack have nothing to do
skill. If you join a server with more than 4 ppl both squads have to choose opposing Teams. Dont be mad at each other if somebody is better than you it´s just game :)

(The presentation may change in the following days)


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