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Platoon Presentation

We take pub play as serious fun.

If you want to be one of the top 8 pub players in AUS, this is not the place for you.

1. Sensitivity set to positivity.

2. Have fun, winning is rather fun XD

3. Have drinks.

4. Share the music you listen to when gaming, then play it loud!

5. Streaming live at www.twitch.tv/ShaN1N

6. Share tips and tricks to play better.

7. Get the Zowie FK and a Puretrak Talent ggwp.

8. Get AA Proving Grownds

9. Join the AA CG team.

10. Floor can lift over 9000!

11. RockLobster can carry five times his own weight!!

12. We have the cookie monster. Sit down.

13. Garrrry's too busy farming to Carrrry.

14. Syrim has a black book with an abundance of CG names crossed off...

15. Medow jus wana play da puta game!

16. Unr[e]al. He is.

17. Meaphet's Kill to Fan Ratio is 1:1

18. Phenom has no jam in his doughnut.

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