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Status: [ INACTIVE ]

Platoon criada com o intuito de reunir os jogadores competitivos e ativos do [AKBR] Team.
Since: 17/06/2012

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#1 on FEBRAJOGA Brazillian Championship (12 x 12) worth $500.
Quarter-finalist on FraggedNation 12v12 Conquest Play-offs, Season 5.
#1 on FraggedNation 5v5 Conquest Ladder, season 2. ThugLife team.
Semi-finalist on Fragged Nation 5v5 conquest Play-offs, Season 2. ThugLife Team
#1 on BRAZIL 8v8 CUP 2013, conquest.
#2 on BRAZIL CUP 2013, conquest ( 12x12 ).


Líderes / Leaders:

- Smoooke-BREAK
- KMarx2

Organizadores de clan war:
- Smoooke-BREAK
- KMarx2
- Sky___HunTeeR

Squad Leaders:
- Sky___HunTeeR
- WagnerAlfaro7
- IagoMateus


Canal do time: http://www.youtube.com/user/Alkaedabrasil
Bomb: http://www.youtube.com/user/BOMBGAMESBR
Iagomateus: http://www.youtube.com/user/iagomundim?feature=watch
WagnerAlfaro7: http://www.youtube.com/user/WagnerUSA7
Sektor_Br: http://www.youtube.com/user/iSektorBr/
Skynnir: http://www.youtube.com/user/OverPowerPodcast
SITE: http://alkaedabf3.wix.com/akbr



5 vs 5 CQ Infantry
8 vs 8 CQ infantry
12 vs 12 CQ Normal


Partidas Oficiais / Official Matches:
Wsix, FTS, MMM, BT, ROOT, A7x (3x), TEB, xHBR, sNs, IDW, ECOL, AYD, TPPC, RAV, RM, CRC, vBob, AGBR (2x), ZERO, xNx, vRx, OKDP, SFAR, KaoS, BrZk, KKRA, RISE, TE5, AiR (2x), IsN, CoB, vD, COBR, OT, iCV. - (3 losses).

Fragged Nation matches:
dR, SF, vRx, TG, LH, D3s, iCon, HxE. - (3 losses).

Treinos e jogos não oficiais / Practice matches and Friendly:
dN, Hazard, NoOb, HaVoc, x3, xR, eA, TGCH, OS, AiR, RiP, dR, HxE, vRx entre outros.

Conquest 5v5, 8v8 and SQD Rush: AKBR and ThugLife Team.
Wolf Six, TG, HMNG, Ffc, JTF2, AtroX, EA, MNCH, pXn, xHBR, sL, InV, SH, haSHshaShiN, CBB, KKRA,oP, TFC. (Squad Rush: AGBR, NoOb.)

Win - Loss - Draw
[ 58 - 6 - 4 ] < by SkyHunter


We are now INACTICE on BF3... back on BF4 ;D


Iagomateus: MBT 100SS+
Paulinhoonline: MBT 200SS+
lincondelima: MBT 100SS+
LeohTaNkeR: MBT 100SS+
infamous6w: IFV 100SS+
Abaddon-BR: Assault 200SS+
MANYPAC: Assault 200SS+
pvictormd: Assault 100SS+
WagnerAlfaro7: Assault 100SS+
Mitchiemo: Assault 100SS+
RoGeRoChA_BR: Assault 100SS+
LORD_OF_CRIME: Assault 100SS+
RLution: Assault 100SS+
Eduardo_ARS: Assault 100SS+
Noob_aum: Scout 100SS+
MuniizDoido: Scout 100SS+
Mateus Bope: Jet 100SS+
Edwoww1234: Jet 100SS+
GiovanniLeme: Jet 100SS+
PedrinS3: Jet 100SS+
Kdoyl-_-TheKing: Jet 100SS+
chbre: Spacecraft 400SS+


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