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Welcome to the official Funky Young Catts page

Who are we?

We are a bunch of young rebels dominating the BATTLEFIELD!
We are all solid players that like to get it done.
We rep FYC, ICE, and SiCk.

Founder: Monkeyinfection


Occupations On The Battlefield:

Clan Information:
As Dice and EA continue to fix lobbies and bugs, we will not be doing any clan matches. We can accept challenges but you will be put in a pending notice. Contact Monkeyinfection to set up a clan match. As soon as we have the option to rent servers, that's when the showdown will start.

Our rules with clan matches are very simple:
-We wont allow spawn rape
-Any gun is acceptable
-If a clan leaves the lobby it will be set as a defeat by forfeit
-Matches will be 3 rounds of either Conquest, Domination, or Rush. Best 2 of 3 wins.

Rec: 0-0

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