BF3 Fun Cup #1
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Platoon Presentation

Hi Guys,

I would like to invite you to the BF3 Cup.
We follow the ESL 5v5 Rules and play the usual ESL 5v5 Maps.

Feel free to join
If you join always write you team name so we can better organize it.
Have Fun
For questions add AcQua_Emesta
You can register till 11.06.2014. First matches can be played on 13.06.2014

If this Tournament will be succesful me and a friend can try to organize a league. So give me Feedback about your ideas.



1. Team AcQua - Germany - AcQua_Emesta
2. CYBORG - France - CYBORGbaril
3. eGz - Evolution GamerZ - France - dont play
4. H3RO ESports - Italy - H3RO-JustBamboo
5. ONE STEP Closer - Slovakia - STEP-sasopko
6. Dunkelziffer23 - Germany - Kumbula23
7. The Chicz- Germany - Psycho8iiitch
8. SHAREit - France - SHAREit_LeN00b
9. Team RoYaL - Germany - UNISEXbuddha81
10. TSQ - Germany - GreenLoonternTSQ
11. Team Inspire - INSPIRE_EgzeQtor
12. Team SEVERANCE - Poland - SEVERANCEkamyk/Klapki_Mojzeszaa


Always play 2 rounds and send me the screenshots of each round.

First Match: Grand Bazar
Second Match: Teheran Hgihway
Third Match: Operation Metro
Fouth Match: Damavand Peak
Fifth Match: Seine Crossing

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