TV Gunners
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Platoon Presentation

TV Gunners is currently Active.

Accepting Players.

We would like to think we're pretty good

No Cheaters!!! Just Skills

iTV Friends :


Platoon Pilots/ Gunners

[iTV] EvilsEmpire --- Pilot --- USA ---

[iTV] llOotll ( aka Watapus ) --- Gunner --- Canada ---

[iTV] Defibrillator --- Gunner --- Canada ---

[iTV] Satisko --- Pilot --- USA

[iTV] StrWrsGirL --- Pilot/Gunner --- USA

[iTV] JuanAkaboshi --- Pilot --- Brazil

[iTV] CaptThunderPig --- Gunner --- USA

[iTV] Savage_Vegan_2 --- Gunner --- USA

[iTV] EPA - AngelOfGod3 --- Gunner --- USA

[iTV] JoseConde21 --- Gunner --- Puerto Rico

[iTV] xGlocker --- Gunner --- USA

--iTV--Chief --- Pilot --- England

-iTV-xxAspicx --- Gunner ---

[iTV] John_Hun1998 --- Gunner --- Hungary ---

Mandizzy (aka Captain_AirWolf ) --- Gunner --- Canada ---

SarcasticSoul --- Gunner --- Canada ---

Jon_Johnsonson --- Gunner --- USA ---

KINGERINO --- Gunner --- Canada --- (Must Watch...very funny)

Robinson44 --- Gunner --- USA ---

Plutomok91 --- Pilot --- Canada

pNejad --- Pilot --- USA

BEATYASILLY --- Gunner --- Canada

XGoldenZ --- Gunner --- USA

uh_Leck --- Gunner/Pilot --- USA

USA_GUNNY --- Pilot/Gunner --- USA *** Semper Fi ***

USA_Backlash --- Gunner --- USA *** Semper Fi ***

7L-Stiggs --- Pilot/Gunner --- USA

DigitalKamo --- Gunner --- USA

TullusHostilus --- Pilot --- USA

iMaximusHammer --- Pilot --- USA

TheStonedHippo --- Pilot/Gunner --- USA

OMG-STD --- Gunner --- USA

TT_Teksid --- Pilot/Gunner --- Canada

Widget__vK --- Gunner --- USA

xDawsy --- Gunner --- USA

ZappierMike --- Gunner/Pilot --- USA

TX_Eagle_One --- Gunner --- USA

K09iN --- Gunner/Pilot --- Belrus ---

-SW-Asmodeus --- Gunner --- Brazil

lKinGxSlayeR --- Gunner ---


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  • Robinson44 wrote on the wall for TV Gunners:
    USA_Backlash wrote on the wall for Team New Republic: "Hey ladies and gentlemen. Long time no talk. Unfortunately, I have some somber news to pass on. Our friend USA_GUNNY passed away last weekend. He suffered a severe stroke late evening on Sunday the 1st and did not regain consciousness. He remained in the hospital through the week, but the damage was too extensive. He passed on the evening of the 8th with his mother at his side. As many of you know, he is not the kind of man that would have wanted to live a lesser life. We can take solace in the fact that his mind passed quickly and he did not suffer. He was a father, a patriot and a good friend. I'm sure he has taken his post guarding the Pearly Gates. There will be a streamed remembrance of life ceremony on the 30th at 2pm CST. I will get the info for anyone that would like to tune in. I also chatted with Delta about setting something up for us to meet in game as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
    Robinson44 Some sad news to share. RIP USA_GUNNY
    12 years ago
    iLL-SkiIIz such sad news! I wish I would have found out about this sooner, but i dont get on much anymore. RIP Gunny Semper Fi
    12 years ago
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  • DefibKill wrote on the wall for TV Gunners:
    hey guys, if anyone is still active on this game, i am down to do some heli!!!!
    goodfella_nj I'll be down. Feel free to follow me in if you see me in a game
    12 years ago
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