Hope gay, AirS PRO
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Platoon Presentation

Just Hope`s remembrance / friends
dat Presentation made by my Loves<3

all welcome, join this crazy platoon >:(


-- GayAsFvck-tomorrow --
#1 DFer in the universe also #1 in the moon ( omg PRO ) still hope is really gay (aaron was here)

----Sorry BENALD1 is just a gay :/ ----
ranked#1 in Albanian DFer (not MLG)
also Top5 in PS3 at present

Old Generation ,ranked #1 DFer in JPN.

---MARTYRISM_831 is beautiful DFer---
New generation,Ranked #1 in USA DFer also #3 in the world at the moment(not MLG)

---Pro-N-combat9283 is hsfhvkwesuhvfsukdh---
Ranked #3 in USA DFer(not MLG)

---PiterGAY1992 loves Hope-tomorrow----
one of the best heli pilot from Poland,AND LOVES FUCKING RAGING (MLG)

---rivaLJmdaj(leon1991221) loves Hope-tomorrow too omfg---
one of the best heli pilot from JAPAN (not mlg)

---aaron232790 loves yusufbekir----
Mid generation,ranked #1 in the world 1vs1 attack heli pilot also #1 in Belgium (MLG) , Dogfighter

---assault0810 loves murahiro915---
ranked #1 scout heli pilot in JAPAN (not MLG)

---K-VIILE118 loves aaron232790---
Ranked #2 USA DFer and is Gay :/ (not MLG)

--Marcelinho2201 Loves Hope-tomorrow's switch--
#1 German DFer at the moment (not MLG)

--dserrato123 Married with F18 --
New generation, Ranked #2 in the world PS3 DFer at the moment. also #1 in Spain

--leo-zedolfs loves small penis--
#2 Brazilian DFer at the moment

--Braze_1015 loves Hope-tomorrow--
Pretty good japanese DFer

One of the best japanese DFer

Pretty Good japanese DFer.
he doesnt know whats the mean ''FaP''

ranked #1 scout heli pilot in Chile

#3 in the World Gunner, #1 booster from ASIA, noob only pub stomper

Old Generation and One of the best Dogfighter

New Generation,French dogfighter
TOP4 Branlette DFer in France

Ranked #1 KSA DFer

Old Generation, French Dogfighter.
He gonna Branlette think about XBeastMUAYthaiX :/ rip


PiterGAY1992 >>232790>>leo-zedolfs > 22linhoMarcelGAY > beck0424 >REKI-495> Braze_1015 >masuyama-3710>Shato10>rivalJmdaj≈assault0810>>>> dserrato123> BEAUTIFULRISM_831 >elgrims > K-VILLE > BENALD1(Gay) > 9283 >zNooPanic>XBeastMUAYthaiX> [Hope]GAY-tomorrow :/

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