Hope gay, AirS PRO
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Platoon Presentation

Just Hope`s remembrance / friends
dat Presentation made by my Loves<3

all welcome, join this crazy platoon >:(


-- GayAsFvck-tomorrow --
#1 DFer in the universe also #1 in the moon ( omg PRO ) still hope is really gay (aaron was here)

----Sorry BENALD1 is just a gay :/ ----
ranked#1 in Albanian DFer (not MLG)
also Top5 in PS3 at present

Old Generation ,ranked #1 DFer in JPN.

---MARTYRISM_831 is beautiful DFer---
New generation,Ranked #1 in USA DFer also #3 in the world at the moment(not MLG)

---Pro-N-combat9283 is hsfhvkwesuhvfsukdh---
Ranked #3 in USA DFer(not MLG)

---PiterGAY1992 loves Hope-tomorrow----
one of the best heli pilot from Poland,AND LOVES FUCKING RAGING (MLG)

---rivaLJmdaj(leon1991221) loves Hope-tomorrow too omfg---
one of the best heli pilot from JAPAN (not mlg)

---aaron232790 loves yusufbekir----
Mid generation,ranked #1 in the world 1vs1 attack heli pilot also #1 in Belgium (MLG) , Dogfighter

---assault0810 loves murahiro915---
ranked #1 scout heli pilot in JAPAN (not MLG)

---K-VIILE118 loves aaron232790---
Ranked #2 USA DFer and is Gay :/ (not MLG)

--Marcelinho2201 Loves Hope-tomorrow's switch--
#1 German DFer at the moment (not MLG)

--dserrato123 Married with F18 --
New generation, Ranked #2 in the world PS3 DFer at the moment. also #1 in Spain

--leo-zedolfs loves small penis--
#2 Brazilian DFer at the moment

--Braze_1015 loves Hope-tomorrow--
Pretty good japanese DFer

One of the best japanese DFer

Pretty Good japanese DFer.
he doesnt know whats the mean ''FaP''

ranked #1 scout heli pilot in Chile

#3 in the World Gunner, #1 booster from ASIA, noob only pub stomper

Old Generation and One of the best Dogfighter

New Generation,French dogfighter
TOP4 Branlette DFer in France

Old Generation, French Dogfighter.
He gonna Branlette think about XBeastMUAYthaiX :/ rip


PiterGAY1992 >>232790>>leo-zedolfs > 22linhoMarcelGAY > beck0424 >REKI-495> Braze_1015 >masuyama-3710>Shato10>rivalJmdaj≈assault0810>>>> dserrato123> BEAUTIFULRISM_831 >elgrims > K-VILLE > BENALD1(Gay) > 9283 >zNooPanic>XBeastMUAYthaiX> [Hope]GAY-tomorrow :/

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