3v3 Tourney by pN
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3v3 This is not a team tourney, it's just 3 players that want to play togheter,To see the best active bf3 players :) Good luck! :D
- Promod (M16/Ak74/M9/Mp443)
- Bflag bazaar and metro 80%
- 2 rounds each map. Draw? Play a 3rd map bazaar.
- Dont be there at time? Forfeit win to the other team.
- Take screenshots of the scoreboard after every round for proof. No proof = we can't decide if there are issues.
- Double Elimination -> You are not out of the tournement when you lose 1 game.
1: ProNation__SpeeD, ImmenZ__IXrenZ, ProNation__aK
2: Br00t4l__K1nG, Br00t4l__ShaKuR , IxHitz__xKisS
3: PredictioN__PaiN, PredictioN__AkeZ, PredictioN__Hawk
4: Adde986, Brokenarrow, miwula
5: PredictioN__KeyS, PredictioN__KinG, PredictioN__XinZ
6: Schokopudding45,Alexey, Benald1
7: xKridaah, EnoXenoX, QreamieGG
8: BullsEYE-SwiFT, BullsEYE-WolF, BullsEYE-Ezio
9: ahmadzafar, thereaper-799, freakingray11
10. nV-Delta, nV-xZooM, nV-xSaintzZ
11. IxHitz__SaiiK, IxHitz__Whiskey, XilenT__Clown
12. Bark, Predrino, manda
13. DemoNiaquE_Arabe, DemoNiaquE__Orage, DemoNiaquE__BOB
14. Ajkop, Gawel56430, StrikeBACK-FrapZ
15 .xLReGeNeRaTeSLx, O_OAnGeL_DusTO_O, NightMare

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