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----------We are proud supporters of BF3 Veterans Community!!!!-------

uBA Gaming is inactive now. we will be back on ps4 in the following games: Need for Speed, Battlefront 3, Battlefield 5, Rainbow Six: Siege and maybe more
Clan Rules:

1. Wear the [uBA] tag when participating in a Clan Match. All other times is optional.

2. Owning and using a headset is vital.

3. please check Battlelog multiple times per week. If you go inacative for a particular period of time, let one of the leaders know, otherwise you might be kicked for inactivity.

CW History:
uBA vs. TF T12 - 4-0 T12 Win [Metro/Tehran]
uBA vs. RFFN T12 3-1 Win [Bazarr/Sienne]
uBA vs. SaD T12 - 3-1 Win [Tehran/Damavand]
uBA vs. ShinE T5 - 1-3 loss [Tehran/Metro]
uBA vs. TF T12 - 4-0 Win [Caspian/Kharg]
uBA vs. sm0t T12 - 3-1 Win [Caspian/Bazaar]
uBA vs. Inc T12 4-0 Win [Caspian/Kharg] (forfeit)

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