Best Metro Server ever
Tag: [BEST] Fans: 13 Created: 2015-04-07

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Servers do eat money and time...

If you like our servers feel free to donate a little amount to keep them running.
Every contribution no matter how high is needed to safe our little BF3-Metro community.
We appriciate all the help we can get!

Paypal adress for donations:

Kind regards
Your "Best Metro Server Ever"-Team



--> 3 Flags = NUKE >> Just if the raped team has less tickets
--> 3rd floor = Kick
--> 2 Snipers per Team
--> Bad language = Kick
--> No C4/M320/Clay/RPG/SMAW/Shotgun
--> Maximum 5 nade kills each round
--> Redzone = roundban

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