Tag: [VUDU] Fans: 4 Created: 2015-07-30

Platoon Presentation

Leper's official 1v12 platoon.
Jet 1: Leper
Jet 2: Leper
Heli pilot: Leper
Heli gunner: Leper
Tank 1: Leper
Tank 2: Leper
Gunner 1: Leper
Gunner 2: Leper
Infy 1: Leper
Infy 2: Leper
Infy 3: Leper
infy 4: Leper
That Guy: BarnyWithAGun
Leper's child: Z Lynx II

Cheerleaders: Elitenumber, beastyy

Platoon feed

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