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Platoon Presentation

My goal for BF4 is to get aV to become one of the most formidable and most respected clans on PS3/4. Those who join will be expected in helping me achieve that goal, along with making themselves a better player. I don't want this to be a great, competitive platoon, but also a place where people can teach each other how to become a better player, and excel at a certain category.

This is a community platoon, or will be for BF4. Scrim platoon can be found underneath.

Scrim: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955064763970329486/


~~~BF4 Lineup:~~~

Armored: evilserv--6 - (Driver) ~Leader
-laser-star - (Driver)
-Lonesniper93 - (Rep)
-Wreck_Havok29 - (Rep)

supreme overlord:KmoF

Infantry: RawlingsHeart, nV-xZooM ~Leaders

Air: Meow-Zedong- (Jet) ~Leaders
-ECMJamming (Jet)
-JamaicaMeCRAZY (jet)
-ahmadzafar (Jet/Scout)
-Death_FromTheGun (Attack/Scout)
-adio5209 (Scout)
-matpao7 (Gunner)
-AtOMiK1700 (Gunner)
-ArchEnemesis (Gunner/Jet)

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