Sunday Pugday w/ ExDs
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Sunday Pugday w/ ExoDus – Farewell to BF3

Oct 27th at 3:00pm – 7:00pm EST

ExoDus Gaming will be holding a small streaming event in which we would like to give a proper goodbye to Battlefield 3. On October 27th, the Sunday before the release of Battlefield 4, from 3:00pm until 7:00pm EST we will be holding pick-up games so everyone can have their last chance to enjoy BF3 competitive. We will be playing 5v5 CQ to allow everyone to get a good taste of what is to come.

We will be streaming this event from two points of view, SGT_SMUG and SAlNTnSOLDlER. You will be able to watch both streams on the same page by using this link:

Individual players or groups of two can sign up here to reserve a spot in line, but on Sunday we will accept walk-ins as well. A line will be formed on a first come first serve basis(with those who signed up receiving priority). To check-in on Sunday, you will have to add ExDsGaming on skype and will be moved to a group chat (waiting room) which is where we will call the players for the upcoming match.

Each grouping will play one map, with each team having one of the streamers. This means that you will play on both sides of one map, the team with the highest total ticket count after combining both rounds wins. The winner of the map gets to continue to play for a limit of one more map, after that two new teams will be chosen.

Sign-up Link:

• No 3D spotting
• No Kill Cam
• Auto-Balance off
• No M320/ (Smoke allowed)
• No Shotguns
• No Vehicles

Signing up is easy, just create a post that follows the format below to the ESB forum thread titled "Sunday Pugday w/ ExDs" and you will be added to the list.
Group Size: (ex. 1-2)
Partners PSN: (ex. SGT_SMUG ; TBD)

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