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Welcome to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit for Battlefield 3

2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit is a MILSIM unit. Our unit is based on the real United States Marine Corps standards, ranks, structure, organization and tactics. Though we are not officially supported or endorsed by the United States Marine Corps, we are supported and endorsed by many real Marines and members that aspire to honor the United States Marine Corps through gaming. We like to have fun and play together, but there are also times when we call for strict, mature and dedicated gaming. This is why our requirements are set so high and why only "The Few" will make it. If you believe you possess what it takes to join us, please apply to our site and come join our ranks. If you are interested in competing against us or participating in a MILSIM Op with us, please contact our platoon organization officer page for the appropriate match. Also if you have any problems with any of our members or allies notify Cpt. NYCountryBoyJ.

Thank you for your interest and Semper Fi,
2nd MEU Command Staff
If you are interested apply at the both of the following:

http://2ndmarinereconplatoon.enjin.com/home [OOS]

Officers By Rank:

1st Lieutenant: rattler870
2nd Lieutenant: Flash_Noddy
2nd Lieutenant: xxbutternipsxx

Who to contact for questions:

For Training Questions:

1st Lt. rattler870


Questions about Recruitment:

2nd Lt. xxbutternipsxx (Butter)


For Platoon Organization:

2nd Lt. Flash_Noddy (Flash)


All other questions:

Cpt. NYCountryBoyJ (J)


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