DeusX Machina
Tag: [DeuX] Fans: 17 Created: 2013-11-20

Platoon Presentation

''God from the machine''

You might wonder what this platoon is......the only answer your miserable brain will understand is this, we are gods that come during the darkest and hopeless of nights to suddenly and unexpectedly provide a contrived solution to an insoluble obstacle

WE OVERCOME ALL! Fear us, or rally behind us as you see fit.No matter how mighty, or formidable our foe may be! Those of you with power, fear us! Those of you without it, rally behind us! We, The Gods From The Machine , shall be the ones who stand in judgment of this world.

currently looking for beast players
talk to batz if u are interested in joining the most op squad evar!

clans faced; [LvK]

W/L; 1/0

pending members;

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